Now in!!!

Now in at e-Collectica!

Note: Wingspan Oceania is not available for sale until Friday!!!!

Up coming new bits!

New bits are a coming in!!! Including Atheneum, Call of Adventure, Grim Forest and Dune. Plus of course the new Wingspan expansion.

What I want to know is when does the expansion with we dodos come out eh? Answer me that!

Christmas Opening.

Just a quick heads up about our Christmas opening. We’re now open every day up to and including Christmas Eve and then will be closed until Tuesday the 29th when we’ll be back in harness once again. Up Dasher! Up Prancer! Up Old Baldy! Hee hee.

Fresh cardboard and accessories!!

Yes folks here we go, more fresh cardboard and accessories for your delight and delegation!! And yes Old Baldy did put ‘March of Progress’ upside down. You just can’t get the staff.

Now in!!!

Did I hear a little gasp of excitement? I think I might have!!!


Good afternoon dodo fans!  As we are about to go into lockdown here at e-Collectica I’d like to remind everyone that we will be offering a local delivery service, that’s within walking or cycling distance of the Market Hall as Old Baldy doesn’t drive.  Just drop us a line and we’ll be there, card machine in hand, to fulfil your order.

Next I’d like to let you all know that next week we have Wingspan and Dig Your Way Out coming in along with a restock of Lux Aeterna.

Lastly, and most importantly we’d like to send out a huge thank you to all of our customers who have rallied round and helped to take the sting out of this lockdown’s tail for us.  We are eternally grateful!!!

Should you need anything to scratch that cardboard itch before lockdown hits please remember that we are open tonight until 8pm for all of your gaming needs.  So all it leaves this old dodo to say is keep safe and we’ll keep the lockdown light burning until we can see you again in December.

I thank you

Restocks plus open late before lockdown!!!

Hi everyone! Below is a photo of our latest restocks for your delight and delectation. Also we shall be open until 8pm on both Tuesday the 3rd and Wednesday 4th of November so why not come on in and see us for a bit of late night shopping!!!

Open today!!!!

Goooooood mornin’ Shrewsbury!!! Just to let you know that the Market Hall is open for business as usual today and because of this Old Baldy’s going to be there till 4pm. So if you want to grab an early present or just something for the lockdown come on up and see us. By the by we’ve more stock due in tomorrow so keep those beaks to the wind!

Loads of restocks and new bits!!!

My, oh my, oh my! What a lot of restocks and new bits we’ve just had in!!  So many that Old Baldy’s had to video them rather than photograph them.  It’s busy, busy, busy here today.  Oh and if you’re awaiting a special order we have your Catan Cities and Knights as well as the Evolution Climate Expansion waiting for you.

Who says we don’t give you more eh?