Ils sont arrivés!!!

Yes folks after four years of waiting the chicken that is ‘The Little Death’ has hatched out a road crossing and made it to the foot of our stairs.

Palin: ‘Calm down Darwin you’re not making any sense.’

Right, calm. Caaaalm! …So after four years the english version of ‘The Little Death’, the politically incorrect and very silly french game based upon ‘La Petit Mort’ comic strip by Davy Mourier has arrived. I believe this may well be an e-Collectica exclusive, especially as these are the versions with all of the Kickstarter extras. So come on up and get a beak full, you won’t be disappointed!

Opening late tomorrow (20/01/24)

Just to let you all know Old Baldy will be in late tomorrow as he’s off on a trek across country to Cannock first thing. He’s hoping to be back to open up around 11:30.

Sorry for any inconvenience!