New bits and old faves!

Here we go then folks! It’s a welcome return for some old favourites and a big hello to loads of new and exciting bits!!!
Who says we don’t give you more?

Restocks and new bits!

We have restocks and new bits! Among them Watergate, Root, Maximum Apocalypse and a fine collection of Claim games!!!

So come and get a beak full.

Problems again with our online shop!

Good morning dodo fans!! Well sort of. I’m afraid our site is experiencing problems again, but be assured we are trying to sort it as our internet dodo is going in!!!

Still fighting to get things up and running

We’re still here and are now fighting technical issues to get our shop up and running. We can get it going for a short time and then the plug-in driving it crashes. But we hope to resolve this soon. Meanwhile here are so pics of all the new bits that we have had in this week.

Shop will be closed from 11am until 2pm today

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Sorry folks but due to unforeseen circumstances Old Baldy will be away for a few hours today (11 till 2). Something to do with furniture!