Friday 3rd March

Sorry folks but we’re closed today due to Old Baldy being unwell. But worry not he’ll be back tomorrow!

Closed now until Thursday 9th

Just a reminder folks that our little palace of playful, purveyance will be closed now until Thursday, when Old Baldy will once more be back to help with all your gaming needs. This said you can still join us on our Facebook page where you can join in with a little game of Where’s Palin?

I thank you!

Shop closed from Saturday to Wednesday

Goooooooood Afternoon folks!!! Tis I Darwin here, everybody’s favourite dodo with news of Palin’s upcoming journey.

Yes this February Palin will be back on the road, trains allowing, and asking you to guess ‘where’s Palin?’ Naturally he’ll be taking Old Baldy and our costumier with him so the shop will be closed on Saturday 4th Feb, Tuesday 7th and Wednesday the 8th. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this will cause, but at least you get to play ‘where’s Palin?’

I thank you

New pre-loved games!

Hello good people of the internet, it is I Ellis with news of 4 new acquisitions for my Pre-Loved Games section. I now have unplayed and sealed copies of Gloomhaven £75 and B-Sieged Sons Of The Abyss £40, along with copies of Cthuhlu Wars £90 and Zombiecide £40. I feel there is a theme here. So why not pop along and have a look at these latest offerings, but be quick as some may go rather quickly. TTFN!

Restocks and new bits!

New bits and restocks have arrived. Just a few to fill some gaps but bear with us and more will be coming!

Christmas Opening Times

Christmas Opening Times: Oh yes!!!

Christmas/New Year Opening Days & Times:-


Monday 19th – Saturday 24th 10am-4pm (Sat 4:30pm)
Sunday 25th – Closed
Monday 26th – Closed
Tuesday 27th – Closed
Wednesday 28th – Saturday 31st – As usual

January 2023

Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd – Closed
Tuesday 2nd – back to the future (no normal, we’re back to normal)

Not sure about Sunday 18th, but you’ll hear it first and fastest here if we are!