Closed on Tuesday 14th

Good afternoon dodo fans, tis I Darwin here with news about important stuff. Next Tuesday, Sept 14th, the shop will be closed due to no one being there, as Old Baldy’s taking a leave of abstinence!!!

Palin: “You mean absence”

Yes indeed he’s taking one of those as well.

Stuff! We have more stuff in!!!

Good afternoon dodo fans! Tis I Darwin, everybody’s favourite dodo, here to tell you that we have a new batch of stuff!!

Ellis: “You mean stock dear, not stuff.”

Stuff, stock either’s good. We have loads of new Stoff!!! How’s that?

New bits and restocks on an apocalyptic scale!

“It’s upon us!!! It’s upon us!!! Vampires, Giant Bugs, Dinosaurs, Kaiju and even the old beardy man with my name!!! It’s the end!!! The endddddddd!!!!”

Palin: “Calm down it’s just our new game range.”


Palin: “It’s our new range of games.”


Palin: “You didn’t really think that the apocalypse was here did you?”

“Well of course I knew all that. I was just play acting, building up the excitement.”

Palin: “Then what are those suitcases full of sweets doing by the door?”


New pre-loved bits.

Good Afternoon everybody, Ellis here with news of some ‘new’ pre-loved stock that has just come in. So do pop up and have a look when you’ve a chance.

New bits!!!

Now in! First lot of new bits from our shiny new supplier!!! Much more will be in post Game’s Expo.

Restocks and New Bits!!!

Good morrow everybody! Just to let you know we have more restocks and new bits for your delight and delectation. So why not pop up this week and get a beak full!!!

Who says we don’t give you more?

Closed this Thursday!!!

Hello there dodo fans! Just a quick post to let you know that Old Baldy won’t be in on Thursday, June 24th, as he is taking the day off with his good lady to celebrate their wedding anniversary. But panic not as we’ll be open again on Friday as usual.

I thank you!

Restocks and New Bits

Yes folks it’s Tuesday! And this Tuesday we bring you restocks and new bits!!! Or if you prefer new bits and restocks!!! Either way it’s good news for all!

So get a beak full of the goodies below.