Darwin’s birthday is here again!!!

Happy 12th birthday Darwin!!! Yes it’s been twelve years since Darwin walked through our door and took over as CEO of e-Collectica. That’s a long time for a dodo!


Here you go folks! As promised some restocks to brighten your day!!!

Who says we don’t come up with the goods?

Restocks are a comin’ in!

Okay folks, listen up! We have a huge amount of restocks now on order so brace yourself and keep those beaks to the wind!!!
Who loves ya?
We do!!!!

Thursday 22nd April

Good morning dodo fans! Just a note to let you know that Old Baldy is stuck here at our HQ awaiting an important delivery and so he may be late opening the shop today.

We thank you for your patience.

We’re back!!!

Yes folks we are back!!!!! Not only that we have some more restocks and new bits for you!!!
Who says we don’t give you more?


Yes folks this is the news that you’ve been waiting for, we will be re-opening on Tuesday 13th April!!! So come on up and see us and get a beak full of all we have to offer!!!


Well here we go again dodo fans, another lockdown. Same as usual we are shut until further notice but if you require a game we will be offering a collection or local delivery service, as long as it’s not too far from the town centre.

I thank you!