New Bits and Restocks!

By the Great Tambalacoque, what a to do, what a lot to do! Good afternoon dodo fans, ’tis I Darwin, your favourite dodo with news of new bits and restocks, but we have soooooo many. So without further to do here we go.

First new releases, and we welcome Kodama, Elder Sign (Grave Consequences) and Crabs Adjust Humidity 3,4 and 5.

Second games new to us, which include Sheriff of Nottingham, Automania, Marrying Mr Darcy the Emma and Undead expansions, Nyet!, Innovation (Echoes of the Past) and Sea of Clouds.

And finally restocks such as Ticket to Ride Europe and the India expansion, Innovation, Walk the Plank and Firefly Blue Sun and Breakin’ Atmo.

I need a lye down after all that lot.

Wilfred: “Not as much as Rowland will do after putting it all away.”