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New Stuff and Restocks

So much new stuff! So many restocks!! where to start? Where to start?

Ellis: “Get a grip hubby. You can do it.”

Oh lore, new stuff, yes new stuff. We have Imperial Settlers, Legendary Encounters : Alien, Firefly : Kalidasa, Takenoko Chibis, Thunderbirds and Machi Koro Deluxe, Cutthroat Caverns Exp1 Darker Deeper.

‘Deep breath’

Restocks. Yes restocks. We have Takenoko, Marvel Legendary, Sentinels of the Multiverse, SotM Vengence, SotM Shattered Timelines and Fields of Glory.

Ellis: “Well done hubby. Now before you sit down there are just a few little jobs I need you to do.”

Oh my!

Shop Closed

The shop will be closed on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th October due to staff holiday.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

New Bits and RE-Stocks!

New Bits and Re-Stocks+++New Bits and Re-Stocks+++Need Cake

Good morning dodo fans!  Tis I Darwin, your favourite dodo here with news of some exciting additions both new and old to our stock.

When I say old I mean we’ve got them back in because we used to have them in stock to start with. When I say to start with I don’t mean we’ve had them in since e-Collectica started I mean they’re products we’ve been proud to make available to you for as long as they’ve been available and now they’re available again, I think.

Anyhoo we now have Tzolk’n and Tzolk’in Tribes and Prophecies, Polis, Tash-Kalar, PitchCars and PitchCars Mini plus Darkest Night and Anyways return to our shelves.

And there are even more exciting new bits coming tomorrow!  So Keep those beaks to the wind for all the upcoming news.

I need a lie down now.

Palin: “If there’s anywhere ‘available'”

Darwin: ” Oh, shut up!”

August’s rescheduled Game’s Night is off.

I’m afraid dodo fans it’s more bad news from e-Collectica HQ. We have just been informed that again. due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be unable to hold Game’s Night at the Bird. Due to this we have been forced to accept defeat and will now reconvene Game’s Night on Friday September 25th. Please let anyone you know that Friday is now off. The Bird’s usual Thursday night meeting is however on for any who may wish to attend.

Chessex Dice Re-Stock

Winifred has just informed me that we have loads of new Chessex dice sets in stock, so come on up and get a beak full.

New Bits and Re-Stocks!

We have some new bits and re-stocks.  In the new bits we have Cthulhu Realms, Coup Reformation, The Firefly RPG and the new improved Marvel Vs Box Set.  In the re-stocks we have DC Deckbuilder Forever Evil, Teen Titans and Rivals: Batman vs Joker.  There’s Marvel Legendary Secret Wars and Dark City plus Firefly: Pirates and bounty Hunters and Lords of Waterdeep.

Who says this bird doesn’t bring you more?

Darwin T Dodo

New website!

Welcome one and all to our new website.

Our web site is so new in fact that we haven’t quite got it all finished yet.  But don’t worry our team of Dodos are hard at work to get everything fully operational as soon as possible.


Darwin T Dodo