Players 2 – 4        Ages 10+      20 to 30mins

Pearladöra is a competitive bluff game. It can also be played as teams. It’s a new theme and new version of the game Armadöra.

Each player chooses a Clan at the beginning of the game. They all have a unique special power to help you.

You will have to collect more pearls than your opponents. To do so, you will have to create separated areas with your pontoons and place your divers so as to get the majority.

Every turn, the question is simple: Will you either place a diver face down, or 2 pontoons? But be cautious, because in your answer lies strong consequences on the game.
Try to anticipate, to block your opponent without getting excluded of an area you seek, to read in your opponent’s game, to bluff… And maybe then, you’ll be able to win the most beautiful pearl collection!

This game is competitive when played by 2 or 3 players. It becomes a team competition when played by 4 players.