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Players 2 – 4          Ages 14+          60 to 9-mins

Hire craftsmen, set them up in the market and gain prestige in feudal Japan.

Iki takes place in Edo during the Edo period (1603-1868). Edo was the name of Tokyo at that time.

In the Nihonbashi district, you will find the most animated market of the city.

Along Nihonbashi main street, many merchants with various activities set up their stalls and attract a crowd of customers.

Not far from the main street, there is a fish market, where boats bring their cargoes and the calls of buyers and sellers resound.

In houses around the main street called Nagaya, live craftsmen and merchants, with various skills necessary for the daily life of Edo’s inhabitants.

According to estimates, between 700 and 800 different trades exist in Edo: fan or lantern makers, tatami weavers, printers, hawkers, tempura or sushi sellers, geishas, kabuki actors and many others are represented in Iki in the form of cards.

How to win?

Live a whole year in Edo and try to become the best Edokko, “the child of Edo” by looking after the welfare and prosperity of the city and its inhabitants. Recruit characters from different trades, have them work in Nihonbashi High Street and build up their experience until they retire.

The winner is the Edokko who has accumulated the most Iki, a philosophical concept of the Edo period considered as an ideal of life.

How to play?

A game of Iki lasts 13 rounds: the first 12 represent the 12 months of the year and are played in the same way. The 13th round, the New Year, is played in a slightly different way. Each of the first 12 months is played in 3 phases:

The 1st “Lifestyle” phase, where players decide their position on the Ikizama track. The 2nd “Actions” phase, where players A) Recruit a Character or Collect their Income, then B) move their Oyakata and conduct transactions in the Main Street.

The 3rd “Event and End of Round” phase is different for each month:

  •     The “End of Round” stage takes place every month.
  •     The Balance of Accounts is done at the end of months 3, 6, 9 and 12 (i.e. at the end of each season).
  •     A Fire takes place at the end of months 5, 8 and 11.