Burgle Bros 2


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Players 1 – 4          Ages 10+          60mins

Welcome back to the escapades of the Burgle Bros. The Rook, never one to shy away from the precarious, has decided to take down a string of casinos. But this is no office job – tougher safes, tightened security – and perhaps worst of all, you’ll be working during the day! The team will have to dress-up (or dress-down) to go unnoticed in the casino crowds. You’ll need to avoid making a commotion or taking too much heat before cracking the safe and escaping through whatever insane plan the Rook has dreamed up..

Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers is a standalone game or can be mixed with Burgle Bros. While you’ll still need to work together to explore the building and avoid getting caught, nearly every aspect of Burgle Bros has been reinvented for an even more exciting caper.