Jane Austen’s Matchmaker : Undead Expansion


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Players 3 – 6          Ages 8+          30mins

This expansion consists of 50 new cards and rules to supplement the original game.

You must still make advantageous marriages for your ladies and gentleman but now with the inconvenience of an undead apocalypse which threatens to make a bloody mess of your wedding plans. One player starts the game afflicted with the Curse of the Living Dead.

The Cursed player draws cards from the new deck – both on their own turn and when anyone gets married. This deck includes many Zombie cards, which transform the Cursed player’s ladies and gentlemen into flesh-eating monsters! If the player runs out of characters to infect, they must pass the Curse onto someone else.

Gift cards send useful items to other players – including weapons and the means to protect themselves from zombie attacks. Event cards may unleash a horde of ravenous Zombies on polite society or help the poor survivors to persevere with their essential tea-drinking and courtship.

It is very difficult for the Cursed player to win, but not impossible – if they can keep their Zombies well-fed with a stocked up Slaughter pile…