Fresh Intake of Pre-Loved Games

Hello everybody, it’s Ellis here.

Just to let you know I have a fresh intake of pre-loved games. We have some interesting pieces that may wet your gaming appetite.

So why not pop up and have a look!

Wednesday Sept 13th

Beaks up! Just to let you know that ‘Old Baldy’ is unwell at the moment. Regardless of this he plans to try and get in and open up today, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I thank you!

Thursday 7th September

Beaks up! Just to let you know ‘Old Baldy’ is required at home this morning, something to do with water and plums, so he’ll be opening the shop at mid-day. He has to because there’s someone coming to change his meter, into what I do not know. So there you go, we’ll be open at 12 today. Wasn’t too hard to say now was it?

Pre-Loved Games restock!!!

As you can see Ellis has negotiated a bumper crop of Pre-Loved Games for you all. And there may be more to come. Rowland and Wilfred from our dispatch department are here to help with putting them on display and then in the shop.


Beaks up!

Beaks up! Tomorrow Ellis and her helpmates will be in to show off a big buy in of pre-loved games.

Miss it not!!!