Here is a picture of today’s restocks to cheer you up.
I know, we’re all heart here.

New bits and restocks!

Did you keep those beaks up? Clearly you did or you wouldn’t be reading this. Well that’s if you’re reading this today, not if you’re reading it a few days late. Be that as it may here they are our latest round of new bits and restocks. I told you we had a few coming in.

Limited Opening Tomorrow

Hello dodo fans, this is to let you know that the shop will be only be open between 12:45 and 13:30 tomorrow as Old Baldy is having to stay at home on flood watch. FLOOD WATCH!!!! YOU MEAN WE COULD ALL BE SWEPT AWAY IN A BIBLICAL TORRENT!!!!!!
Anyway that is the news from e-Collectica central.
I have to get my chocolate stash to safety!!!

2020 Winter Holiday

Old Baldy and Palin will be off on their travels again soon so here are our holiday dates for this Q1.
We will be closed from Friday Feb 7th through to Sat Feb 15th.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but you will get plenty of ‘Where’s Palin’s’ to enjoy.
Where’s Darwin would of course be far better but I’m apparently too big to take along. Damned cheek!

Ellis’ Pre-Loved Games

Ellis wants me to tell you that there has been a big increase in her pre-loved games section and that you need to have a look in at all of her ‘new’ items.

More restocks!!!!

More restocks!!!! I love a good restock. Not as much as I love a chocolate bar or a cake but still restocks are good.


Yet more restocks and new bits!

I told you to keep a look out as we have MORE stuff!!! Now in Pret-a-Porter, Architects of the West Kingdom, Falling and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Who says we don’t give you more?