New Bits and Restocks!

By the Great Tambalacoque, what a to do, what a lot to do! Good afternoon dodo fans, ’tis I Darwin, your favourite dodo with news of new bits and restocks, but we have soooooo many. So without further to do here we go.

First new releases, and we welcome Kodama, Elder Sign (Grave Consequences) and Crabs Adjust Humidity 3,4 and 5.

Second games new to us, which include Sheriff of Nottingham, Automania, Marrying Mr Darcy the Emma and Undead expansions, Nyet!, Innovation (Echoes of the Past) and Sea of Clouds.

And finally restocks such as Ticket to Ride Europe and the India expansion, Innovation, Walk the Plank and Firefly Blue Sun and Breakin’ Atmo.

I need a lye down after all that lot.

Wilfred: “Not as much as Rowland will do after putting it all away.”

New Bits and Restocks!

What-ho! It would appear that we have a collection of new bits and restocks wending their way to us. What larks eh! They shall include Loop Inc, Sandcastles, Tiny Epic Kingdoms and the TEK Hero’s Call expansion, My Happy Farm and the Queen’s Necklace.

Now that’s what I call a fair feast for the beak.

Dice restocks are in!

Good afternoon dodo fans! Winifred has told me that her latest order of dice are now in and they’re very pretty indeed, her words not mine. So come on up and get a beak full.

Restocks and new bits!

Yes folks we have restocks and new bits which are Pokemon XY9 Break boosters, Crabs Adjust Humidity 1 & 2, The Warren RPG, All of the 5th ed D&D Spell Decks and 5th ed Monster Manual, Ticket to Ride Europe and Epic Spell wars of the Battle Wizards.
We’ve got it all here!

Restocks and New Bits!!!

Good Afternoon Dodo fans!!!! Tis I Darwin your favouritist of favourite, favorites here.
Palin: “I don’t think favouritist is a word. And what does favourite, favorites even mean?”
Thank you Palin. Anyway here I am with news of more restocks and new bits available now, as in right this minute, at your local e-Collectica Games store.
Palin: “There’s only one store.”
Again, thank you Palin. So without further ado here they are. We have Village, Village Inns, Village Ports, OctoDice, Favor of the Pharaohs, Warehouse 51, Canalmania, Alien Frontiers and The Castles of Mad King Ludwig Secrets Expansion.
Who says we don’t give you more?

Restocks and New Bits!

It’s good news Thursday, as we have re-stocks and new bits!!! We welcome back both of the X-Wing Miniatures Games Core Sets as well as Splendor and Bad Medicine. On the new stuff front we have 9 of the D&D 5th Ed Spellbook card sets including Arcane, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin and Ranger. So come on up and get a beak full this Good Friday, which by the way will also feature GAMES NIGHT!!!! So come on up and then come on along.
Who says we don’t give you more?

New Bits and Restocks

Hi-de-hi Dodo lovers everywhere, tis I Darwin your favorite fowl with news. We have restocks and new bits a plenty coming in this week, starting from tomorrow we’ll have Dragon Valley and Epic Resort, The Holy Hand Grenade and D20 Danglers plus a full restock of Tokaido and all it’s expansions plus more. Then Wednesday we have Firefly Fluxx, Odin’s Ravens, Happy Pigs, Omens of Ice (Elder Sign exp) and yet more restocks. So come on up and get a beak full of all of these this week. And don’t forget to give our Danglers the eye.

New bits and restocks!

Good morrow dodo fans! Tis I Darwin, everybody’s favourite dodo here with news of new bits and restocks.

Firstly “Cthulhu is coming!” Just thought I’d get that out there. We now have medium and small plush Cthulhus as well as My First Cthulhu plush (see pics)

Also the new Sentinels of the Multiverse expansions are in. These include Chokepoint, Celestial Tribunal, Wagermaster and Villains of the Multiverse.

And lastly we have several Sentinels restocks plus the return of The Big Book of Madness.

So don’t delay, come up today!