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Please remember that we will not be open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. But we will be at Games Night this Friday.

Games Day

Ever seen yourself as a Goblin? Ever fancy a nice, tasty, crunchy cat? You do! Then book your place at this Games Days latest participation RPG ‘Six Goblins in an Overcoat’. The game where you and your fellow goblins try to fool those silly humans into believing you’re one of them and hopefully, just hopefully let you into that new restaurant they’ve built which they call a cattery. Just think of all those munchable, moggy, mouthfuls fresh and ready to go. Cat Sushi Omm Nomm Nomm.


Good morning everyone!

Next week we will be closed from Wednesday 28th Sept to Friday 30th Sept due to staff holidays.  Open as usual on Saturday 1st Oct.

Games Day

Tomorrow sees the big countdown to Games Day begin, T minus 31 and counting. I think I’ll have a KItKat with my tea.

But I digest, I mean decrease or degrease as of tomorrow each purchase made will come with a raffle ticket for our birthday prize draw, prize TBA.

Restocks are a Comin’

Hi-Di-Hi Dodo fans!! Tis I Darwin everybodies favourite dodo here with news. Next week sees a huge, and long awaited, restock of all things Sentinels of the Multiverse as well as several other popular titles such as Manhattan Project, Big Book of Madness, Innovation and more. So remember to pop in next week and keep those beaks up!

August Games Night

Good morning Dodo fans! Just to let everyone know there will be no Games Night this month due to the Shrewsbury Folk Festival.

Restocks and New Bits!

Come and get your restocks and New bits!!!! Come and get your restocks and new bits!!! Oh yes we have some restocks and new bits including Tragedy Looper, Archer, Batman and Munchkin Loot Letters, Munchkin, Achtung! Cthulhu and D&D Player’s Handbooks, Resistance Avalon plus Hostile Intent and Hidden Agenda. So come and get your restocks and new bits!!!! Come and get your ……

A Call for Cake!

Restocks and new bits!!!! No cake though. e-Collectica now has Pokemon Steam siege boosters as well as Achtung! Cthulhu in stock. And we welcome back Monty Python Fluxx, Pandemic, Rivals for Catan and Battlestar Galactica. So pop up and get a beak full.
Oh yes, and bring cake.

Restocks and New Bits

Good morrow friends of the dodo! ‘Tis I Darwin your favourite dodo here with news of re-stocks and new bits. We have Quartermaster General and QMG Air Marshall coming in today along with Kittens in a Blender, Coup, Codenames, Citadel and Power Grid.

Who says we don’t look after you?