More Stock!!!!!

Fresh bits! Get your fresh bits ‘ere!!!  And there’s more to come tomorrow!

New bits, new range!!!

Finally the last of our three March orders has arrived bring with it not only new bits to our shelves but a whole new range!!!  We welcome Exit (escape the room games) to our shop.


New bits and restocks!!!

Ahoy! Ahoy! The Kraken is coming to e-Collectica along with a huge, and I mean huge, over 60 titles, selection of new bits and restocks. So keep those beaks to the wind for more details.

Restocks and New Bits!!!!

We have some excellent restocks and new bits now in stock including Shadows in Kyoto, Wooly Wars, Micropolis and 7 Wonders Duel to name but a few.  So come on up and get a beak full.

2019 Holiday

Hello there dodo fans!

Just a reminder that due to holidays we will be closed from Wednesday Jan 30th up to and including Thursday Feb 14th meaning we will reopen for business on Friday Feb 15th.

Massive amount of restocks and new bits are now in!

Yes folks we have now received our first post Christmas restock and it’s a big one, over 50 titles + dice.  Poor old Rowland and Wilfred were quite worn out by the time they’d finished bringing it all in.

So come on up and get a beak full!


Good afternoon dodo fans! ‘Tis I Darwin here, everybodies favourite feathered friend! Have we got some restocks coming your way this week.

Wilfred: “I don’t know have we?”

Yes we do! In fact we’ve got so many that I’m not even going to try and list them. All I’ll say is we welcome back over 50 titles this week along with a new one or two. So keep those beaks to the wind ’cause they’re a comin’!!!!