Don’t forget folks we’re on holiday next week from the 12th to the 15th, that’s Tuesday to Friday. Now I wonder where we’ll be going?

New bits and restocks!!!!

New bits and restocks! Get your new bits and restocks er! Yes folks we now have new bits and restocks in including Captain Sonar, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Takenoko, Carcassonne Builders and Traders plus lots and lots of dice. So come on up and get a beak full!!!!

Open Late!

Open late tomorrow (Saturday 1st July) and we’ll be next to the Battlefield Real Ale bar so come on up and get a beak full. Ho ho!

New bits and restocks!

Goooooood afternoooon dodo fans!!!! Tis I Darwin, everybodies favourite bird, here with news of restocks and new bits due in this week. We have Dice Forge, Potion Explosion, Jamaica, Coup, 7 Wonders Duel, Celestia and Codenames.
Who says we don’t give you more?

Fresh In!

Yes folks we have lots of re-stocks now in including Arkham Horror Card Game, Camel Up, Munchkin Adventure Time, Conan and Gloom plus Pandemic, Galaxy Trucker and Machi Koro.

So come up and get a beak full!

New Bits!

Yes folks we have loads of lovely new bits from China. We have Hanamikoji, Round House, Planet Defenders and Burano. So waste no time, come on up and get a beak full.

New Bits Are In!

Goooooood morning everyone!!!  Tis I Darwin, everybodies favorite dodo, with news of new bits.  We have Sagrada, Stoner Loonacy, Chemistry Fluxx, Scythe: Invaders from afar and My First Stone Age.  We are also expecting more exciting new bits by the end of the week so keep those beaks to the wind!