Restocks and new bits!!!!!

Stuff!!! We have stuff I say!!! Loads of stuff!!! All here for you!!!! Amongst our stuff we have new bits such as Raids (the Viking game), Clouds and the Monty Python Fluxx Black Knight expansion as well as Firefly Fluxx’s Upgrade Pack.
But best of all we once more have loose D20s and some new dice sets to ponder upon.
Who says we don’t give you more?

Christmas and New Years’ opening times

Here we go folks, the moments you’ve all been waiting for. It’s our Christmas and New Years’ opening times:

Sunday Dec 23rd – 10 till 4pm
Monday Dec 24th – 10 till 4pm
Christmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Closed
Thursday Dec 27th – 10 till 2pm
Friday Dec 28th – 10 till 4pm
Saturday Dec 29th – 10 till 4pm
Sunday – Dec 30th – Closed
Monday – Dec 31st – Closed
New Year’s Day – Closed
Wednesday Jan 2nd onwards – business as usual

If that doesn’t make your Christmas nothing will!

Christmas and New Year Opening Times

Christmas and New Year opening times

Sunday 23rd December – 10 till 4:30

Monday 24th December – 10 till 4:30

Open as usual December 27th – 29th

Monday 31st December – Happy to come in on request

Wednesday 2nd January – back to normal.

Closed this Saturday!

Just a reminder dodo fans that we will be closed this Saturday due to Old Baldy bunking off. Naturally I would step in to the breach, whatever that means, but I’ve got to do a vital stocktake of my chocolate supply. You know how it is.
Wilfred: “We know alright!”

Victory Point Games return!

Victory Point Games return to e-Collectica in our latest collection of new bits and restocks!!!! You didn’t see that coming eh!

More restocks and new bits!!!!

Yes folks news!!!! Once more I bring tidings of joy, as we have more restocks and new bits coming soon to e-Collectica!!!
Wait for it, wait for it!
And here we go. We have Networks, Now Boarding, Burgle Bros, Mythos, Tiny Epic Quest / Galaxy & Western, Arcane / Cleric/ Ranger & Xanathar’s Spell books coming in plus the Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG and the Big Book of Battlemats.
Who says we don’t spoil you guys?


Restocks!!! We have some restocks!!!!! We have Dice sets, Splendor, Ticket to Ride, Exploding Kittens, Power Grid, Pandemic and First Class.
Always giving you what you want.

Restocks and New Bits!!!!

We have restocks for you!!! When I say you I of course mean everyone. As long as they pay for them naturally. So here’s the list, and it’s a biggy!!!!
We have Dobble, Once Upon a Time, Citadels, Resistance, Zombie Fluxx, Friday, Hanabi, Savage Worlds Core book, D&D Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual, Photosynthesis, Sticky Chameleons, Welcome to the Dungeon, Forbidden Island, King of Tokyo, Tempurra, Sushi Go Party and Nyet!
Also we have now have Kingdomino Age of Giants and Exploding Kittens Party Pack.
Who says we don’t give you more?