Restocks are now in!!!!

Restocks are in!!! Bit of an oriental theme going on today. I’m still trying to get the D&D Starters and the Monster Manuals in but though my supplier has them they can’t tell me when they’ll be available.

Now in!!!

Now in at e-Collectica!!!!

Somehow I feel that I just don’t get to express myself fully using this new format.

Wilfred: “Try being stuck in dispatch with Rowland!”

Staff Holiday!

Hello all!  Just to let you know we will be closed on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of June due to staff holiday.

Old Baldy’s skiving off again.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

More bits!!!

Ils sont arrivés! Tous les stocks de Pâques !!!!

Sorry about that. I got so excited I slipped into my native tongue for a moment. What I meant to say was “they’ve arrived! All of the Easter restocks!!!!”